Benefits of Real-time Occupancy

benefits - monitor occupancy

Monitor Occupancy & Traffic in Real-Time

to follow government social distancing guidelines from the live occupancy dashboard. Integrate the occupancy data into your own application through API, allowing your customers to check the live traffic numbers in the nearest store.

benefits - health and safety

Health & Safety Measurements for Staff

By tracking customer to staff ratio throughout the day and per hour. Contain the total number of customers in-store each staff member is subjected to, limiting the spread.

benefits - display occupancy recommendation

Display The Occupancy Recommendation

on digital screens facing outside the store, to coordinate queuing and waiting time of customers. No Integration required. Plug and play. Keep visitors outside the store informed with visual alerts and warnings suggesting when occupancy limits are breached or when it is safe to enter.

benefits - enable email push notifications

Enable Email & Push Notifications

to be informed when visitor traffic thresholds are being breached. When the store occupancy reaches the designated threshold, store staff instantly get notified to control in and out for safety precautions.

benefits - efficient real-time occupancy

Efficient Real-time Occupancy Control

We use people counter devices at the entrances and exits of your store to accurately and anonymously count how many customers are going in and out of your building, giving you real-time occupancy data on the number of customers inside your store.

The Perfect Match is What “Counts”
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Hardware & software are complementary. The next-gen sensor technology meets with the latest AI & machine learning to bring you the highest accuracy in visitor analytics, all in-house.

FAQ about VCare Realtime Occupancy

How does real-time occupancy work?faq selection arrow

The V-Count Ultima AI sensor provides the in and out visitor count in real-time. The specific occupancy limit can be set for each area. If the threshold is breached for occupancy control according to Covid-19 regulations, the system provides real-time alerts to the person in charge.

Can the solution provide real-time alerts?faq selection arrow

If your traffic numbers exceed your pre-set occupancy limit, VCare will send you real-time alerts. Additionally, real-time occupancy levels can be seen on the display screens at all times.

What display screens can we use with VCare?faq selection arrow

You can use any display screen to show the occupancy level of your location. The display screen text is available in 14 languages, and the text is customizable.

What metrics can I see in the dashboard?faq selection arrow

Real-time occupancy numbers, Safe to enter/Not safe to enter warnings, and real-time occupancy levels with line and historical graphs. You also have the ability to change the options and set real-time reports.

Can we import and export the occupancy data to our system?faq selection arrow

Yes, you can import your sales data into our dashboard manually or automatically with an API. V-Count analyzes the correlation between the sales and occupancy data. You can also export the data through an API and use it in your management systems.

What should I do before installing the real-time occupancy system?faq selection arrow

Our team of experts can provide you with personalized assistance depending on your needs. We will advise you on the suitable solutions, the right number of sensors, the suitable sensor locations or zones, and the installation and setup of the sensors and analytics platform.